There are 3 things that fascinate me this far :

1. Music
both classical and jazz. There are some musician whose their music I listen a lot, like Chopin, Dave Koz, Michael Buble, Matt Dusk dan Peter Cincotti. I find music relaxing my day, giving me peace in a little world of mind, and sometimes be a place for me to run away.

=Have an obsession to be able to play piano=
*but still, it is just an obsession*

2. Travelling
cause by travel, I will learn to know exactly who I am. The best and the worst of me.

= All this journey had given me the opportunity to understand how valuable life can be =

3. Photography
even if I have no any camera in my bag nor in my pocket, still I do love taking pictures. Freezing times and people in a mixing of color on a paper may be kind of plain for some people, but for me, doing this like giving me a key of time-travelling and get into limitless time of my life.


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